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From our Facebook fan group!!!


From The Bear 
From Michelle
“My daughter and i gave this build a bunny to Bunny Burkett for her 70th birthday she was soo excited. And i feel soo special that she had it close to her and i feel extra special to be reunited with HOPE. i am still soo sad bunny is gone but now she is with my brother rob pain free and in peace another angel to look down on me”
From Jeff
“RIP Miss Bunny friends for ever!!!”
From Karen
From Wayne
“I have been Following Bunny Burkett since the late 70’s. Bunny was one of a kind she will be truly missed by all” 


From Ginny
“My daughter Carly 6 yrs old Easter 2015 Eastside speedway”
From Bill
From Tammy
“The Martin Family really loved Bunny. She was such a sweet lady and always so positive. She helped me through my cancer journey and I wanted to do something to let her know how special she was to us. It was her 50th year in racing so we made her a Bunny wreath. We went to see her at Capital that evening and my son Flyin’ Ryan as she called him gave her the wreath. She loved it and couldnt believe we had made it for her. She hugged her Ryan sooo tight. Ryan was very excited to see her run that night. When it was time to go to the winners circle she grabbed him to go with her. Words just cant express how special Bunny was and still is to our family. Her and Mo have always had a special place in our hearts. I know Flyin’ Ryan is missing her so much. When he was 3 he drew her a picture of her funny car. She immediately put it on the door of her trailer for everyone to see. Ryan was so proud that Bunny loved his drawing. We have so many special memories of this wonderful lady and we will miss her beautiful smiling face. We love you Ms. Bunny! Darrell Martin, Tammy, and Flyin’ Ryan Martin”
From Krista
“Thank you Megan Reid Travers, Ernie Travers for bringing her into our lives during both my difficult cancer battles.

Her phone calls, kind words, actions, and direction during treatment were invaluable. She inspired me to be strong through so much.

Deepest sympathies to her family,, her whole crew, and all her fans. God bless you. Bunny was an angel to so many. Thank you , Bunny, for the good fingerprints you left our hearts”

From Lisa
From Tina
From Tbone
From Sharon
From Ernie
“Back in 1991, I ran into Bunny at the Montgomery County Fair while she was on display. I talked with Bunny and Bear for a long time that day and couldn’t believe that someone as successful as Bunny would take that much time with me. I was amazed at how cool she was and what she taught me about racing. Year after year she came back to the fair and we became friends. I would like to personally thank Bunny, Mo and Bear for allowing me to be part of something so very special. I earned their trust and friendship over the years and I cannot thank them all enough for allowing me into their circle. I truly cherished the time that I spent with Bunny and I’m extremely grateful for the people that I met during that time. Everyone that was working with Bunny during the time that I could be around are absolutely amazing people and truly exceptional at what they do. I will greatly miss Bebe and the time that we spent with her. Love you forever Bebe.”



From Marla

“I saw Bunny in PA at a Nationals event. I was always a fan of Cha Cha … That day I became a fan of Bunny’s.”


From Grace

“I am so blessed . I remember when i was racing & our local track would have special events / match races, once in a while there would be a woman driver & we would end up sitting & chatting over the weekend. They with their super hot rods (top alcohol & jet dragsters) & me with my little 160 mph f.e dragster. There were many conversations with Bunny Burkett, Aggie Hendricks, and Amy Faulk to name a few. Totally down to earth & loving speed & enjoying life . yup … i am blessed.”

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