Bunny Burkett




THE BOSS..........


She Ain't Skeered.......she's done it all, just about.......drove Stockers, Pro Stock (before they became Pro Stock), Alky Funny Cars, Pro Mod, and even Top Fuel. Yes, I said Top Fuel! In 2001, Bunny was a hired driver to take on a Top Fuel Dragster for Donnie Holbrook and his beautiful wife, Barbara. We went testing in Alabama at an 1/8th mile track and then was flown overseas to Germany to race in an International Race of Stars from a bunch of countries. It was in Hockenheim, Germany and I still won't forget how they chanted......"BUNNY, BUNNY, BUNNY" , as we approached the starting line each time. There were thousands and thousands of race fans there and they welcomed us like no other. What can I say about The Queen of Funny Cars? I'm sure you all know about my Hero and probably yours as well.













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